The temple

Royal Chapel of Granada


The Royal Chapel of Granada houses the mortal remains of the King Ferdinand of Aragon and the Queen Isabella of Castile, Joanna and Philip the First and the Prince Michael.

The Catholic Kings joined together Granada and Castile. The peoples of Spain were unified under one single monarchy. Links were established with Portugal, England and Austria through the marriages of their children, and with the discovery of America the basis for the world-wide expansion of Spanish culture was laid. Due to this, several aspects converge in this funeral temple.

Through our visit we will discover its deep historical and human aspects: Visitors -from Spain, Europe and Latin America-, in search of the humanism of the 16th century, have been attracted by more than five centuries of history.

We will feel moved by its great religious meaning due to the Queen Isabella’s personality —she promoted the reform of the Spanish Church and the evangelisation of Spanish America— and to the iconography which is entirely focused in Jesus Christ.

Historical and religious aspects are expressed with a great artistic value: The architecture, sculpture, painting, along with the gold/silver articles, fabrics… lead us to admire, contemplate and enjoy watching the three styles: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

You can visit the temple architecture and decoration, the royal mausoleums and the crypt, the great Main Altarpiece, the railings and the Baroque altarpieces and sculptures.




Royal Warrant
of the Royal Kings
for the raising of
the Royal Chapel of Granada

Because it is a reasonable issue for any Catholic Christian and especially for Kings and Princes
-who have to set a good example for the rest of the people – that, apart from behaving as good as possible during their lives, they have to provide how to say prayers and sacrifices for their souls after their deaths, particularly in the chapels where they are to be buried so that our Lord has mercy on them and forgives their sins. Therefore, wishing this, we agree to choose the Church and the Chapel where our bodies shall be buried, when it pleases Our Lord to call us. Masses, sacrifices, anniversaries, and other divine offices and prayers will be said in the chosen Chapel.
First of all, we ordain that in the Cathedral Church of Our Lady Mary of O in the city of Granada a worthy Chapel shall be built.
In this chapel shall be placed the Holy Sacrament of the Cathedral, before which shall burn perpetually, day and night, a wax candle weighing six pounds and two oil lamps.