The tapestries and other fabrics

Royal Chapel of Granada


According to the Inventory of 1536, Isabella and Ferdinand donated thirteen splendid tunics (ternos) but they were damaged by the liturgical usage both in the Cathedral and in the Chapel, and many of them dissapeared. Furthermore, the kings also donated many single garments and standards and banners from the Conquest of Granada.


Ornamentos litúrgicos

The fabrics of the Chasuble of«gold-plated tunic» shows a pattern of thick stems, with leaves sprouts arranged in crowns that form rhombus. You also find heraldic symbols of the Catholic Kings. One of the most notable characteristics of this work is the execution technique: «with figurative imagery in gold-silver bulk and in lifted bulk».

The Chapel also keeps some ornaments -«which were brought with the mortal remains of the Empress»- such as the «black tunic». The remains of Isabella of Portugal were transferred to Granada on the 16th of May of 1539.

Other ornaments which are exhibited are: El altar de Campaña, canopy of crimson velvet whose main motiff is a Calvary and El frontal de altar with figures of saints which are among Gothic ornaments and religious paintings.


Two standards of crimson damask are kept in the Museum: The Royal Standard of the Catholic Kings and the Banner of the Cavalry; if you observe them, you can see the bend and the motto «Tanto monta, monta tanto» (It amounts so, so it amounts) besides Ferdinand’s arrows and Isabella’s yonk. There are also two banners of crimson damask.

The first one shows the arms of Aragon, Sicily, Leon, and Castile; it is thought that the Christian Army held it up during the conquest of Granada; the second banner is not so ancient because it shows pomegranates along with the above mentioned arms.