The sacristy-museum

Royal Chapel of Granada


The high historic significance and the artistic splendour of the royal founding, which was developed in architecture, in representational art, in grillwork or in altarpieces, reaches its highest point in the Sacristy-Museum of the Royal Chapel. There, the rich legacy of the Catholic King and Queen is gathered and exhibited.

Together with the objects that symbolize the majesty and personal devotion of the founding King and Queen, we find an important collection of religious paintings from the fifteenth century that were the subject of the Queen’s devotion.

In all, it is a complete testimony of the artistic taste of the time and an exact aesthetic representation of the cultural significance of this monarchy.

This monarchy initiated the Modern Age of the spiritual, iconographic, symbolic and aesthetic values that constituted an important beginning and which were nevertheless strongly Gothic.

For all these facts, this Museum is the most visited in a very attractive city like Granada, where the Sacristy (as an ecclesiastical museum) is an extraordinary institution among others of its type due to its exceptionality and the coherence of its collections, and due to the way it culminates and represents the values of the whole.

In our visit to the Sacristy-Museum we can admire gold work and fabrics, paintings (Flemish, Italian and Spanish) and the Queen’s books.